Wow! What a start to a new year! Do you feel it too? Have you been aware of new experiences?

There is such a range to choose from to write about. I started this year with a familiar re-dedication to my writing and to working within my website and to reading past information that I still resonate with.

I only give myself 20 minutes to write. The intention is so I can make time to do it every day. There was one day my mind tricked me a bit and I was up somewhere around 4am instead of 6am. The piece I chose to step into was journaling a Tarot card I had chosen for myself on New Year’s Day, asking for the flavor of my upcoming year. I wrote, looked up correspondences, and put it all together. When I felt complete, it was 7am already. I had spent at least 2 ½ hours absorbed in writing. And, the timing was perfect. I still had time to play in the website before it was time for exercise and meditation.

It was a profound reading for me. I wondered if it was worth putting in a sharable format, maybe showing how I play or where I am playing now.

There were four or five days in a row where I found myself in experiences where I truly impressed myself with what must be my new way of being. It was extraordinary to watch my ease and my mastery is very different situations. And it is not that I was not pleased with myself before, but this is a new me. And I am impressed with what is real now.

I think so much has changed so often recently that I have not shared much. I remember having a moment of recognition sometime in the last year that I am ready to see me now, as compared to allowing myself to be seen, with the underlying implication of that being seen by others. I am ready to see what others have been so graciously reflecting back to me. Maybe this year marks that opening and that success.

I have had had several highlighted energetic moments, synchronicities. One, I met a new person in Glastonbury that could immediately “see” me. He spoke of magic and feeling like he was in another dimension while we were talking. I love those meetings. I have said “yes” energetically to allowing more of that to open. I am starting to be curious as to what can be done, if anything, within it. Maybe is it just an opportunity to be. Another combination of highlighted experiences has been in connection with the Beech tree. As a quick reference of meaning to me, the Beech is deeply tied to the maintaining and the passing on of knowledge. This one started before the first of the year, but one of the highlighted experiences was in this new year.

As I observed the changes and the openings in me in the first week of January, I commented out loud that I am really going to be a powerhouse. That made me laugh as I heard the certainty and authority in my voice since I had already thought I had more than enough power to do anything I desired.

Then I got tired. I slept more than usual for a day and a half. Going into the tired space, there were so many thoughts that came into my mind as to why. I have some odd things going on physically and my mind kept offering thoughts on what might be wrong. Yeah, okay, but that is not where I wish to focus my thoughts. It is okay if I need to make charges, and I am happy to be aware of and to take care of my physical body.

And then the thought presented itself that if I was correct or if I created the new level of power that I spoke out loud, then it makes sense from my previous experiences that my physical body will need the next layer of rewiring to be able to hold and run the greater power levels. That level of rewiring needs me to be horizontal and not moving for longer than I sleep at night. That thought I said okay to. That thought I bought into and chose to work with. I said earlier I slept a lot more. And that is true, but there was a four-hour block of lying down that most was not sleeping. Most of that time I was conscious and observing, giving permission to changes, running Magical Awakening energies – trying to engage/assist, trying to allow and stay out of the way, trying to learn from what was happening. I was very present.

One last share for today and then I need to call it quits. In several key aspects of my life, of my being, I hold a stable space, a knowing that all is well. I am beginning to watch within me where I question this yet. How far can I take it? How safe am I really in this physical body? At what level can I trust myself and what I am bringing through? I will have better words at some point going forward. I just recognized by the layers of disharmonic thoughts within me that I am in the midst of bringing through another layer of absolute knowing. Deep-held beliefs are being questioned.