Body Consciousness

21 – A New Desired Beingness

Q: I have an interest in this ability to market effectively and see there is this potential for me to attain a different level of being where that marketing effort can be experienced very much more easily, with extraordinarily different results. A: Our advice to you is to hold the idea of being a different level of marketer. Blend into that, weave into that, a sense of ease. Weave into that that the body consciousness may align around that,...

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22 – A River Analogy

I am monitoring and engaged and listening into your conversations and your discussions in and around body consciousness and the fruitfulness with which you are adopting this approach. I wish to commend this. From my perspective, you are looking at appropriate permission slips. One of the beautiful approaches that I am noticing, as I perceive the energies, the growth, the stirrings, and the shifting in and around you, is the following of this...

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23 – Transitioning to a New Stream

As you work with this concept of body consciousness and make certain decisions about that which is you and that which is not you, that standing back, if you like, from the stream and therefore adopting that position of observer and then joining it with a new set of intentions, this process that you are adopting allows you as the observer to reset your vibrational frequency to a new level. And then, as you rejoin the stream, that is,...

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24 – Question on this River Approach

Q: Please speak more about this overall approach and flow of looking at body consciousness. A: One of the potencies of the manner in which you have been adopting this has precisely not been to divide up the flow of the river of consciousness that flows through these bodies into many separate components. There sometimes can be a value to this approach. And yet, there is also a value to that sense of simplicity. As you work with the body...

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25 – A Peak Ahead

We have been working with you more on the internal interface with body consciousness and working on those internal harmonics. As those harmonics become aligned, it is as though a sweet spot is engaged. The energy that becomes available expands substantially. It is experienced as a glow around the body, which may go out some distance. The glow around a body can certainly fill a room to the extent that people can be aware of such an energy....

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26 – Meditation Opportunity

There has been the ongoing theme of empowerment flowing through your lives, and we are getting to that point where a significant new step is shaping up in the momentum of things. There is a sense of empowerment in the air, and what I wish to take forward straightaway, this early stage in the in session, is to move to a meditational space. The holding of energy, where there may be a contemplation of that which is occurring. Let us move to a...

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27 – That Which is Opening

This is the first post I can remember that I have not had clarity for a title. And I have linked this in with the body consciousness work / play, but I am not sure it belongs there. This offering is planting a seed, showing what is possible both now and what we might be aiming for. Let us focus on taking further forward that which we were looking at in that last meditation, and add to it. Let us assume, first of all, a meditative stance, a...

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